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The Red Wolf has an ever-changing eclectic shop full of unique designers / makers. Here are some of the designers we carry:


Rundholz, Inhabit, Paychi Guh, Magnolia Pearl, Matta NY, Campomaggi, Calleen Cordero, CP Shades, Kempton, Destin, Amet & Ladoue, 813 Ottotredici, LABO.ART, Krista Larson, Dress to Kill, Péro, Avant Toi, Veronique, Yoshi Kondo, Ewa i Walla, Porto, GRUB, Aimee G, Errant, Wilt, Planet, Johnny Was, BIYA, Feathered Soul, Tracy Watts, Auntie Oti, CLP, Elemente Clemente, Uzi, Alkemie, Apotheke, Margaret Solow, Blythe & Bonny, Anarkh, Tracey Tanner, Isobel & Cleo, Monoplaza, Elsa Esturgie, Lisa Corti, Prairie Underground, The Odells, Totem, Indie Ella, Bluma Project, Little River, Natalie Martin, Equi-libreum, DéPIO...


and the list goes on... we are always on the lookout for beautiful and amazing things to add to our beautiful little shop!  

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